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Hyundai Tuscon N Line Is The Biggest Racist Trope In The History of Racist Tropes

Racist Hyundai 万博棋牌游戏dailycarblog.com

VW has its premium R Line,Audi has its premium+ S Line model derivative and now Hyundai has gone for a similar naming convention for the Tuscon.The unfortunately named Hyundai Tuscon N Line.Are the marketing folks over at Hyundai UK living in a bubble where the skies are constantly blue,butterflies are dancing in the air and little lambs are grazing on Kentucky Bluegrass?

It seems they do live in a bubble of sorts.

Any salt-of-the-earth racist will choose to define what the N stands for in the Tuscon N Line.We don't have to say it neither do we want to.Do you think a Millwall FC or Chelsea FC supporter will buy a Hyundai Tuscon N Line?

No,of course not.But they now have a vehicle they (Millwall FC & Chelsea FCsupporters) can use to target people who don't look like them.

So what is Hyundai selling here?Unintended racism?Yes maybe.Ignorance?Yes maybe.The Tuscon SUV?yes definitely.

Being responsible motoring journalists we are compelled to provide you the reader with fair and balanced coverage.The Hyundai Tuscon is a compact SUV,it is available in…ergghwwerrghhh

That's all we need to say about the Hyundai Tuscon unfortunately named N Line-racist trope.

Hyundai marketing people UK or Europe,get your finger out and re-name the new racist gathering pointTuscon N-Linebecause it is the worst sounding racist trope car of the week.


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