Daniel Ricciardo Admits To Having A Gambling Problem But Isn't Seeking Help

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Shocking news has emerged today as Daniel Ricciardo admits to having a gambling problem.Like a serial addict in denial,Ricciardo says his habit is under control.Actually,the banner headlines are admittedly over the top.Ricciardo doesn't have a gambling problem,not that we're aware of.The problem is he doesn't win.It all started when made a bet withMad Dog Helmut Marko.And lost €1,000 as a result.

Ricciardo reckoned Valtteri Bottas was on his way out of Mercedes F1 after a lackluster 2018 season.Bottas was comprehensively beaten by teammate Hamilton and that set tounges wagging and wagers flowing.

The bet was based on the premise that Bottas would not be re-signed by Mercedes for 2019.Ricciardo reckoned on positive odds,Mad Dog Marko bet otherwise.The erstwhile Red Bull driver lost out.

Of his loss Daniel Ricciardo said:

"I'm not a gambling man,I don't really bet,I don't go in casinos.A thousand is not by choice,it's a bit of peer pressure from Helmut."

But at the opening race of 2019 Ricciardo won his money back as he bet Mad Dog Marko that theRed Bull Hondawould not qualify in the top 3.However,the flying Aussie thinks his betting days are over.

"I don't want to bet with him any more," he added."If our relationship's like that it's quite fun."


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