Haha-haa… Hooohooo-hooo… Hehe-heee… Land Rover To Build New Defender In Slovakia,LOL


We've all been on a holiday here at DCB Towers but damn it we still keep up with the news.And the news that Land Rover will build the next generation Defender in Slovakia had me choking on my Avocado on toast.Choking with joy.I could barely touch the muesli as I roared with laughter which echoed acrossLake Genevaas I sat outside on the lounger soaking up the view and the mid-afternoon sun from my hotel balcony.

You just can not make this up.British car manufacturer,Land Rover,to build its most British of British products in foreign lands.The Defender IS Land Rover,it is the B-of-the-bang from which all other Land Rovers ever produced can trace their 4×4 heritage.

Companies are not beholden to history or heritage,for Land Rover such news is about profits and survival.Building the next generation Defender in Slovakia is simply cheaper.And the company can retain its supply chain/just in time business cycle.

Uncertainty surrounding Brexit has played into the hands of Jaguar Land Rover management.The Slovakia plant has been under construction for the past two years,it was going to be utilized for something.So this news is no surprise.

Jaguar Land Rover is the biggest car manufacturer in the UK.Poor sales driven by lousyreliability in Chinaduring 2018 saw the company register a $4bn loss.The company announced plans in January to reduce its global workforce by 4500.To fund new investment Jaguar Land Rover is having to borrow money.

Jaguar Land Rover's real concern isn't where the cars are manufactured,it's to do with lack of sales.The entity combined sells around 600,000 vehicles annually,it needs to be doing double that figure at a minimum in order to sustain long term viability.

We are a British blog/publication and one assumes that we have some loyalty towards Land Rover.Nope… no way not ever… We here at DCB desperately hope Jaguar Land Rover fails.Regrettably,such a situation will never occur.

JLR is bailout/buyout waiting to happen.The company is rather like a mushroom spawn,spreading its seed and flowering in dank conditions.And then it gradually withers until the cycle happens again.

Indeed this publications failure rate is potentially higher,we walk a tightrope for sure.For me?It's back to the sun lounger and more avocado on toast.


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