Don't Buy Any Tesla Because The Fit And Finish Is Horrendous

YouTube channel,The Fast lane Car,put it's own money into its own mouth (if that makes any sense) by investing their own hard earned cash into a brand new Tesla Model 3.The father and son duo want to see what it's like to own a Tesla Model 3.Which makes a change from the usual sycophantic journalist reviewing a Tesla and giving a glowing 5-stars in order to keep Tesla PR people happy and retain guaranteed access to the Tesla press fleet.

Anyway,Jr.(the son) rear ends the car as he is backing into a garage.And then the video goes through the whole journey of getting it repaired.The cost is $6500.Tesla only recommends certified and approved repair centers.

But the real interesting part of the video is 20 minutes in when the repair guy says Tesla's fit and finish is horrendous.That's a real opinion from an individual who also repairs Audi's and otherluxury brands.

Its a damning indictment of Tesla's self-proclaimed standard of being the world's best luxury car.Imagine if we here at Daily Car Blog proclaimed"we are the world's best car blog".The laughter would never end.

Our top quality car blog,professional journalism,award-winning advice is… Don't buy a Tesla just yet,let the early adopters take the pain.


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