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by,2ndMay 19 1:15 pm

We've all been on a holiday here at DCB Towers but damn it we still keep up with the news.And the news that Land Rover will build the next generation Defender in Slovakia had me choking on my Avocado on toast.Choking with joy.I could barely touch the muesli as I roared with […]

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by,25thApr 19 12:30 pm

The Porsche 964 in question belongs to Ammo NYC,a professional car detailer,or as it is often manbetx体育官网known,a car cleaner.The Porsche 964 was made between 1989 and 1993,at the time it was beloved by the London stockbroker belt.Today the Porsche 964 is a classic and is equally as beloved by […]

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manbetx体育官网 Da Skoda Scala Is In Da House

by,19thApr 19 10:43 am

The term "in da-house" was fashionable in the early 2000s,used by mainly white,teenage middle-class suburbanites rebelling against the norms of the day.These teenagers are now just like mummy and daddy middle-class cocaine snorters,professionals in well-paying jobs and big houses.They are now car buyers and still like to use the term […]

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by,12thApr 19 10:07 am

In the interests of fairness and balance and professionalism (which Nissan never showed us) and because it's a slow news day we have decided to cover news of upgrades for the Nissan X Trail.We do apologise.Personally,none of us at DCB would ever consider buying a Nissan.We sampled the X Trail and […]

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by,3rdApr 19 11:39 am

It's the most common safety feature in every car made,so common that we don't think twice about buckling up,the seatbelt.But it seems if you own a BMW X7 SUV you may as well drive around using nothing more than an elastic band.The flagship premium luxury rubbish SUV is being recalled in […]

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