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The Audi E Tron,Audi's first pure electric car.Some will say it's about time because Tesla has pioneered the way.But in our opinion,pure electric cars are still taking baby steps no matter how advanced the technology.You have to remember that fossil fuel is still many,many more times efficient than battery […]

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It doesn't take a lot to cause a serious car accident.From sending a quick text to falling asleep behind the wheel,there are many mistakes that you can make resulting in a devastating wreck and life-changing consequences for you and other drivers.Unfortunately,it doesn't take much for accident victims to jeopardise their claims […]

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Engineering Explained explains how cheap it is to run an electric car.Comparing an Alfa Romeo Giulia QV to a Tesla Model S Performance Engineering Explained YouTube man uses maths to breakdown ownership costs.The Giulia QV and Tesla Model S has similar performance,costs around the same and weighs the same,more or less.[…]

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You would imagine that attaining regular and positive media coverage Jaguar Land Rover would be roaring into the sunset with a sales win-win.However,in many ways,the motoring press is a fantasy world.A positive review by a well-heeled motoring journalist doesn't necessarily equate to more sales.Jaguar Land Rover is more complicated.And […]

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All over the county of Yorkshire,you can find cars which are not in a roadworthy condition.All it would take is to be stopped by the authorities when driving in such a car to have points added to your licence or even a stronger penalty being imposed!Of course,around the Leeds conurbation,there […]

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