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Audi's smart looking A6 saloon and estate (sedan and station wagon) are now available in Black Edition trim.But you'll have to look past the white exterior of the publicity photos to get into the whole Audi A6 Black Edition theme.We don't why they did that,but it's what smart people do,juxtapose.Black […]

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by,25thApr 19 12:30 pm

The Porsche 964 in question belongs to Ammo NYC,a professional car detailer,or as it is often manbetx体育官网known,a car cleaner.The Porsche 964 was made between 1989 and 1993,at the time it was beloved by the London stockbroker belt.Today the Porsche 964 is a classic and is equally as beloved by […]

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by,25thApr 19 11:52 am

Yes,it is expensive,I mean you can get a nice little or similarly sized Peugeot van for less than half the price of a Mercedes V Class.To remind you,the V Class starts at £48k.The Marco Polo version,which is clever marketing bait-and-switch for camper van,starts at £52k.So who buys […]

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by,25thApr 19 11:16 am

Electric vehicle developer Rivian is seen by many as a start-up venture,it isn't because it was founded 10 years ago.Back in 2009 electric cars were not taken seriously,Elon Musk was seen as a here-today-gone-tomorrow news story and the future was either diesel or petrol.That's all changed,over the last three years […]

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by,24thApr 19 9:37 pm

Was it a conspiracy theory,or not?OK,so a Tesla Model S was caught on camera spontaneously bursting into flames as it was parked up somewhere in downtown Shanghai.Footage shows white smoke cascading from the underside before the whole thing went up in flames.No one was harmed,Tesla is investigating.Share prices […]

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